(Auto)scale our Jitsi video conferencing capabilities on AWS (including Jibri services) plus UI/UX and features


We are working with a funded startup that already has a production instance of Jitsi Meet. We are looking for experienced Jitsi engineers to :

  • (Auto)scale our Jitsi video conferencing capabilities on AWS (including Jibri services)
  • Customise and add features to the Jitsi Meet Web UI/UX.

nice to have

  • React Native experience and capable of building out mobile branded version of Jitsi App

Who you will be working with
We are a full stack development team building out an application for a funded start up. The application is already developed and we are now looking to add more features and most importantly increase user interaction and sign ups.

What is the Application?
The application is a collaboration tool that utilises Jitsi for all of the video and audio meetings.

What skillsets are we looking for?*
Good experience with Jitsi web, Jibri, Prosody, etc.
Good experience architecting secure and scalable Jitsi installations.
React for front-end Jitsi web modifications (not strictly required).

We have sent you a personal message.

What you are wanting done is well within my skill set and I would be happy to help you out on this.
I will send you a personal message to discuss further.