Auto provisioning LDAP credentials in Jitsi Desktop - doesn't seem to work

Hello everyone, dear Jitsi users,

I’m using the auto provisioning on Jitsi legacy and i’m trying to add an LDAP account configuration.
To be more precise, this provisoning script from my XiVO server goes into the properties of Jitsi:

{% for line_no, line in sip_lines.iteritems() %}
# SIP config{{ line_no }}=acc{{ line_no }}{{ line_no }}.ACCOUNT_UID=SIP\:{{ line['username']}}@{{ line['proxy_ip'] or sip_proxy_ip }}{{ line_no }}.AUTHORIZATION_NAME={{ line['auth_username'] }}{{ line_no }}.DEFAULT_ENCRYPTION=true{{ line_no }}.DEFAULT_SIPZRTP_ATTRIBUTE=true{{ line_no }}.DISPLAY_NAME={{ line['display_name'] }}{{ line_no }}.FORCE_P2P_MODE=false{{ line_no }}.IS_PRESENCE_ENABLED=false{{ line_no }}.KEEP_ALIVE_INTERVAL=25{{ line_no }}.KEEP_ALIVE_METHOD=NONE{{ line_no }}.POLLING_PERIOD=30{{ line_no }}.PASSWORD={{ line['password'] }}{{ line_no }}.PROTOCOL_NAME=SIP{{ line_no }}.PROXY_ADDRESS_VALIDATED=true{{ line_no }}.PROXY_AUTO_CONFIG=true{{ line_no }}.SERVER_ADDRESS={{ line['proxy_ip'] or sip_proxy_ip }}{{ line_no }}.SERVER_ADDRESS_VALIDATED=true{{ line_no }}.SERVER_PORT={{ line['proxy_port'] or sip_proxy_port|d(5060) }}{{ line_no }}.SUBSCRIPTION_EXPIRATION=3600{{ line_no }}.USER_ID={{ line['username'] }}@{{ line['proxy_ip'] or sip_proxy_ip }}{{ line_no }}.XCAP_ENABLE=false
#LDAP config, cn=Administrators, cn=8770 administration, o=nmc
{% endfor -%}

Unfortunately, this configuration works for the SIP accounts but not for LDAP account. I noticed that every time I try to click on Contact Sources Tab I can’t see the content of it and it generates severe error in jitsi logs. I can’t explore the LDAP directory unless I add manually, in the UI, the entry “Annuaire” with an IP address and restart the client (the auto provisioning works for others LDAP properties).

I’ve already seen this topic: [jitsi-users] Provisioning XMPP accounts in Jitsi

In here, M. Ingo_Bauersachs said that the LDAP config is different than the SIP (or XMPP) config and that the name of the LDAP directory is hashed (for example 580035281 corresponds to “Annuaire”).

But contrary to the end of the topic above, despite all efforts, the problem is still here.
Does someone have an answer on this ?

Best regards,