Auto (bot) participant to record and playback audio for (real) users testing their mic and speaker

I’ve looked around for a feature that resembles Skype’s nice lady that checks your connection and plays back whatever you tell her so you know your mic output is being picked up.

Is there such a thing somewhere or a plugin or…?

It came up over here with the Janus WebRTC dev (GitHub - meetecho/janus-gateway: Janus WebRTC Server) giving his ideas for a start: LNXMuSCNS video meet April 3rd / 6pm GMT / 8pm CEST / 14.00 EDT - LinuxMusicians

his suggestion is to launch Chromium with

 --use-fake-ui-for-media-stream --use-fake-device-for-media-stream --user-data-dir=/tmp/fakechrome --no-first-run

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Well, not a play back, but yes, there’s a mic test feature in ‘Settings’. The meter will show if your mic is working and how loud it is.

Screen Shot 2021-04-04 at 11.13.01 PM

thanks @Freddie, hadn’t noticed that at all… :slight_smile:

just thinking aloud here and perhaps overkill since Freddie pointed out there’s an input meter in the meet settings but anyway…:

the ‘bot’ user is host for the meet

guest users are informed beforehand to speak one at a time
or the bot shares an image or gif informing about it

bot host runs a 5 second overdub loop recorder and sends the output of the loop back to the meet

if a guest user speaks for 5 seconds it is repeated back to him during the next 5 seconds

to avoid cacaphonic feedback layered recordings:
a macro or programmable function mutes the bot host’s mic every 5th second and unmutes it again every 5th second