I was able to setup authentication for my domain and anonymous authentication for guest.mydomain.
Is there a way I can have different authentication set up for both anonymous and conference creators? Basically I want everyone to be authenticated, but differently for conference creator and participants.


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If I understand correctly, you want pure authentication without any un-authenticated guests?

Prosody service is responsible for that. You should delete anonymous guests.

Then you can add users in prosody with this command:
sudo prosodyctl adduser username

(See this link for the commands:

The users which should be granted moderator rights, need to be included in the admin = {“user1”, “user2”} parameter in the prosody config file.

Does that solve your issue?

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Thanks for your quick reply.
We are using external authentication. Adding admin users only works for internal_plain authentication - correct?
So basically I want authentication (external SASL) for all users but still be able to select only a subset of users as moderators. Is that possible?

I am not sure: As long as users end up in the prosody databank, I would say, you can always grant some moderator rights to specific accounts. If authentication is outside of prosody’s scope, one way could be to create moderator accounts over prosody. Account administration is easier with the prosody module admin web:

I hope that help