good morning there is a possibility to impose an authentication to access a room for all users as happens with prosody

If you mean requiring all users to be authenticated to participate in meetings on your self-hosted instance, then you should look into JWT Tokens. LDAP could also work.

where can i find the information?

very interesting the token aspect how can I find the way to configure it

perfect but the configuration I have to do it on prosody? i can’t understand how you generate a token

Or you may simply choose to configure secure domain, without the guest access enabled…

or? I do not understand

You said authentication. There are multiple ways to authenticate…secure domain, jwt tokens, LDAP…

ok but explain me better how to do it via token I at the moment use only prosody or if you are not the administrator for which you know login and pasw you cannot access the meeting but just not enter them and then everyone can access I would like to implement something for greater security that required everyone to be able to enter only by entering psw login