Authentication Prosody ERROR Making user

So I’m on docker with jitsi-meet and I’m having a issue with prosody authentication ik im supposed to do prosodyctl but im guessing that i do this via the prosody container but i get an error i tired to cp the prosody.cfg.lua and but like this mydoamain.cfg.lua
Ive done this command below and it works via prosody container but its on meet.jitsi which isn’t my domain right user name a password wont work

prosodyctl --config /config/prosody.cfg.lua register TheDesiredUsername meet.jitsi TheDesiredPassword

so like i said i tried to copy the prosody.cfg.lua to mydoamain.cfg.lua and the re run the prosodyctl command above but replacing meet.jitsi with mydomain and i get this error

root@d216393a7912:/# prosodyctl --config /config/mydoamin.cfg.lua register user mydomain password

Prosody was unable to find the configuration file.
We looked for: /etc/prosody/config/mydomain.cfg.lua
A sample config file is included in the Prosody download called prosody.cfg.lua.dist
Copy or rename it to prosody.cfg.lua and edit as necessary.
More help on configuring Prosody can be found at
Good luck!

You need to use the meet.jitsi domain as this is the internal docker domain used by prosody and that is where you create the user.

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thanks brother i figured it out