Authentication Options for different types of meetings

I’ve setup Jitsi Meet and followed the install instructions at to set up a login system for hosting a meeting. I was wondering if it’s possible to customize the authentication system.

We want to make a username and password a requirement for hosting a larger meeting, but we wanted our users to be able to do 1 on 1 meetings without needing a login. We would want to limit the number particpiants to two. Is it possible to do this? With an anonymous login? Or do I need to set up token authentication?

Hey @jdmoo40, I’m afraid this is currently not possible.
The only way, that I can think of right now, of achieving that is to enable required jwt tokens and embed the iframe and your system based on the room name or something else will decide whether to ask user for authentication and when authenticated create a jwt token and pass it to the iframe so participant can enter the meeting.
If authentication is not required the system will just create a token and pass it without asking for authentication.
Basically is using tokens and let your system handle the authentication.

Thanks, that’s kind of what I thought. I wanted to make sure.

I’m still a little fuzzy on how jwt tokens work.If I’m understanding correctly, I need an external web application performing the login authentication that in turn generates a token to be sent to jitsi. Has anyone got an example of such an app? In an ideal world I’d have something performing LDAP authentication against one of our AD servers and sending the created token to our jitsi installation.

You need something server side that generates the token. The token works with common secret or with certificates for encrypting and verifying. So creating and verifying are then server-side.

Thanks for the answers.

Is there any applications already built that can do the token generation? I’ve seen examples of doing JWT in python or node js. But was hoping there was something already created instead of reinventing the wheel.

Nope, there is nothing from our side. We have few implementations but those are internal and normally those are tight to some other systems so nothing is open-sourced.

Alright, guess I’ll just have to try it myself. If I’ve got JWT questions on the needed format for Jitsi, where best to direct the questions? Install & Config or Developers?

Maybe Install and config… :slight_smile: in the forum for sure :slight_smile:

We are PHP developers and have seen 2-3 libraries on github that generate token automatically on the values input to it. In that case we have generate Random numbers & values for Room creation and read out from the file that allows group users to enter that specific room. So you may get the system that can obviously generate jwt tokens and worked well in case you want to automate this concept.