Authentication, limit users to create only specific rooms


i am relatively new to jitsi and its enviromental components.
Usually i work with PHP, JS etc…

I sucessfully installed the current version of jitsi and it works great.
After that i set up an authentication logic just like shown in this tutorial:

Now only users that successfully authenticate can create rooms (every room that they like) and guests (users without authentication) can join these rooms.

What i want to do:
Now i want to extend this behaviour … authenticated users shell only be allowed to create their personal room(s).
For example: User John is only allowed to create the room https:/ / m/johnsroom (and not https:/ / m/anyroomhelikestocreate). John (and maybe an other user) is the only one that is allowed to create this room. (had to uglify links because of restricion to new users)

I have not found anything for this logic yet … does anyone know if this is possible? And how to achive this?

My enviroment is the current jitsi, installed on Ubuntu 20.04 and nginx

Thanks in advance.

This logic needs to be implemented in the backend. A new custom lua module can easily do that on muc-room-pre-create
There are plenty of examples here jitsi-meet/resources/prosody-plugins at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

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Thanks for the superfast reply.
I will take a look an that and try this.
I have never worked on this envoroment before … so i have much to learn …

A short question: When i edit these files, do i alwas have to restart the services in the console?
Or is this like PHP (edit a file an refresh the page)?

When you edit a prosody module, you need to restart prosody so the module can reload.