Authentication failed! you are not allowed to join this call, i'm not able to join this call with jwt django

Good day, All

I’m getting this error while trying to join meeting using the with iframe
authentication failed! you are not allowed to join this call
please is there anything I’m missing
Django Setting using

def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
jitsilive = JitsiLive.objects.get(room_id=str(kwargs[‘room_id’]))
user = Lecturers.objects.get(
name = “{} {}”.format(user.admin.first_name, user.admin.last_name)
appid = settings.JWT_APP_ID
appkey = settings.JWT_APP_KEY
domain = settings.JITSI_DOMAIN
audience = domain
room = jitsilive.roomname
mod = True
jwtoken = generate_token(name,, room, appid, appkey, domain, audience, mod=True)
title = f’{room} meetings’
print(user, name, appid, appkey)
return render(request, ‘superadmin/lecturer/start-jitsi.html’, {‘jitsilive’:jitsilive,‘title’:title, ‘mod’:mod, ‘domain’:domain, ‘roomname’:room + jwtoken, ‘jwt’:jwtoken}) is an anonymous server, it doesn’t use JWT authentication.