Authentication failed obtaining session id error

I am trying to authenticated my conference room with user id and password but it shows
obtaining session id
in console

VirtualHost in cfg.lua

VirtualHost “
– enabled = false – Remove this line to enable this host
–authentication = “anonymous”
authentication = “internal_plain”
– Properties below are modified by jitsi-meet-tokens package config
– and authentication above is switched to “token”
– Assign this host a certificate for TLS, otherwise it would use the one
– set in the global section (if any).
– Note that old-style SSL on port 5223 only supports one certificate, and will always
– use the global one.
ssl = {
key = “/etc/prosody/certs/”;
certificate = “/etc/prosody/certs/”;

anonymousdomain: ‘’,

after changed and add prosodyctl register
I am trying to login its shows error ’
obtaining session id

Can you try with

authentication = "internal_hashed"

yes I did but it shows only connecting message and nothing happen

if this is not a copy-paste error, the protocol should be XMPP, not XAMPP

Thank you so much for response
Now its working with xmpp

I am facing a new issue please help me
Participant are not able to see each other in same room

Did it work before changing the authentication config?

Actually I am doing change on one server and every thing is working fine but when I am doing same thing on other server this error happen

The domain address set during installation and the domain address used to access Jitsi may be different. They should be the same