Authentication Error - Incorrect Username and Password

Hello everyone,

I have set up a Jitsi server for use, which works fine, until I try to set up an authentication feature.

I followed the exact same steps in the instructions: .

But whenever I try to login as a host with a username and password combination that I registered using

sudo prosodyctl register user your_domain password

It says:

Error Incorrect Username and Password

Please let me know if you would like to see the config files for troubleshooting.

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I have same problem, do username has to be in email format? I used just username
Any help?
Thanks in advance

I already solved it , incase someone needs help follow:

  1. check file /etc/jitsi/jicofo/config with following information:

sets the username to use for XMPP user logins


sets the password to use for XMPP user logins


Now register focus user with
sudo prosodyctl register focus password
you have to use this password when login
I still have to do some research to find how can add additional users