Authentication and permissions


We searched everywhere in vain. We would like to be able to authenticate with the ability to allow certain individuals or groups of people to be able to create or join a conference. Is that possible ?
If yes how to implement it?


We already try without success the tutorial does not seem clear enough.

Can you give us more help?

Yes, if you give more details, what is the problem?

First solution : We try to make it possible to create a living room only from the homepage and not the URL. However, we want to be able to join a living room already created from the URL (like a guest). The Schema is linked.

Second solution : We want to be able to create a guest account that can only join a living room and create a “user” account that will have the right to create and join a living room.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Currently the link to docs I’ve sent you is like this:

  • if conference do not exists a dialog is shown asking are you the host?
    • if you are the host username and password is required
    • if you are guest the page will enter in the conference(without authentication) once the host has entered.

The things you describe is custom use case which is not available at the moment. The first thing that comes to my mind is somehow using the reservation system and in your web handle all the logic for checking does a room exist, is it guest … by using this: It is just an idea and I’m not sure whether this approach will suite your needs.

That’s exactly what wish it! We followed the doc ( only we fail to make it work.
Is it necessary to use a domain name for jicofo to work?

Thank you very much for your help


What were the problems? What didn’t work?

That’s how I configured it, is it ok? and what to do next

Are you following the “Secure domain” part from the link I pasted?

So you first do quick install, make sure it works and got to the link I’ve posted. This is jicofo’s readme and its section “Secure domain”.

For example you do not need to define focus component cause it should already be configured by the quick install and it will be something like focus.192.x.x.x in your case.

Why do you modify config.js like that, this is completely wrong, leave it as quick install do it and you need to add the anonymousdomain: ... part.

OK thank you I will try tomorrow at work I did not try the party “Secure domain” and do I have to do the part “Running Jicofo from distribution package”?

But how to do it I do not understand from step 1 to 4

You don’t need that, cause you will install with quick-install and jicofo will already be configured and running, and you need to just follow the secure-domain part.

On a clean installation I did the part “Manual Prosody configuration” and “Secure domain” I did not have any error. Only when I go on the page of my server I have no authentication request. I show you the statue of the service Jicofo and Prosody.

What is the problem ? :sweat_smile:

I told you several times that this is not necessary.

If you want help, show us what is the problem, what is the console log in the browser and maybe upload your jicofo and prosody config, and config.js.

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It’s good I just succeeded I thank you friend I read what you just told me and actually I had the party “Secure Domain” to do and it just worked. I need to authenticate to create a living room :yum:
Thank you for your patient

I have also problems with Secure Domain …

may I have to do only the second part (Secure Domain)?

@damencho - Can you please show us step by step configuration scripts. It will be really very helpful.

We have the secured domain and the application running. Can you please give line by line script of using the users.