Authenticating users in rooms


Is there a way to authenticate users in rooms? I saw some messages about JWT in the forum but I can not find any information on how to setup things for this nor forge the token? Also, I can not find any documentation about it.

Thanks a lot for your help

jwt is when you are embedding jitsi-meet in another app. You can use:

I want to embed it in another app, so can you point me to the right configuration/documentation for this?

All right, thanks for the link. I will try to run it using your docker-compose based project. Will share the configuration and other information here as soon as I can.

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OK it works with docker-compose and when using the jitsi meet external api :slightly_smiling_face:
Now, how can we use this with the mobile application? Imagine that:

  • I have a website which embeds jitsi, deployed on its own domain with JWT auth enabled
  • When the user is on mobile, instead of using the mobile browser, I want to force him to open the mobile app with right parameters. Are there some ‘hooks’ on the mobile app I can use for this?
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For the record, you can open the mobile application by forging an URL like

Hey there! Since you did this recently I really think others would benefit from your learnings with JWT and docker-compose :innocent:

@geleeroyale of course! Here is what I updated in the .env file:

# Enable authentication.

# Enable guest access.

# Select authentication type: internal, jwt or ldap

# JWT auuthentication

# Application identifier.

# Application secret known only to your token.

# (Optional) Set asap_accepted_issuers as a comma separated list.

# (Optional) Set asap_accepted_audiences as a comma separated list.

Then I built a backend service which is able to generate a JWT token using the same information as defined in Jitsi. When a user wants to join a room, he first gets a JWT token from this new service and uses it in mobile or external API client.

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Hello, can jwt and ldap authentication work at the same time?
Thank you!

how could you open env file?