Authenticate Room creation and REST API


I was able to successfully stand up and run a JITSI (Meet) instance from source, and followed the steps in the JITSI community site to expose the Colibri REST API. Our goal is to integrate JITSI with our existing application and provide conference capabilities for our clients. The available JITSI SDKs will also come in handy for integrating with these clients.

I would certainly appreciate all your advice on the following questions.

  1. Authentication for creating rooms/conference

Our Jitsi Meet domain would be publicly accessible, and at the very least we would need to authenticate the room creation. I followed some examples online, but the prerequisite is to register an account in Prosody. Our clients should be able to start-up a meeting at will, and we cannot possibly register all clients with Prosody beforehand. Using a shared account could be a security concern.

One thought was to delegate the room creation to the Server side. Reading the documentation and the community site, the Colibri REST API may support this. I tested these endpoints and read the documentation on, but I find it is very limited what the API offers in terms of room management, although I could be wrong. Furthermore, I also came across some of the issues listed under thread 31983.

Q: Based on my comments above, what would be the best way to authenticate room creation? Can I rely on the Colibri REST API if I want to do this from the Server?

Q: I haven’t looked too deeply into the SDKs yet, but if we were to authenticate creating a room from a client using Prosidy accounts, is it possible for this to be seamless to the user? Meaning the user would not be required to manually enter the username/pwd?

Q: I have also read the option of using a JWT Token service to authenticate users. Would this be a viable option for our use case?



how to crete room using jitsi external api??

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