related jigasi error in docker container


after the fresh docker install I’m getting following error in the jigasi container logs. They does not seam to impact the functionality, but kind of annoying.

2022-10-27 23:42:05.344 SEVERE: [66] Could not read avatar image from file avatarcache/Jabber&

java.lang.SecurityException: Insufficient rights to access this file in current user’s home directory: /config/avatarcache/Jabber&

at org.jitsi.impl.fileaccess.FileAccessServiceImpl.getPrivatePersistentFile(




2022-10-27 23:42:05.357 SEVERE: [66] Cannot load details for contact : XMPPError: item-not-found - cancel

Yep, its harmless … Probably because of folder permissions
Probably can be disabled but need changes in jitsi desktop