Auth doc/URL for jitsi-meet 2.0


I’ve installed jitsi-meet 2.0 on a ubuntu server and am looking for information on setting up authentication. The problem is there is a lot of info out there and it is not clear which method must be used for this version.

I’ve looked of course but cannot seem to find specific information so that I do not break the server and more importantly, use the correct method.

Can someone please share the correct url/link to this information.

Thank you.

This is the correct place for documentation:

Looks like this is what I’m looking for.

Thank you very much.

Just to be 100% clear. There is no ‘admin’ level user that needs to log into the GUI.
All admin work is done at the command line/server level, right?

Second, I understand that I have to create users from the command line. Is there any way of allowing people to sign up and they have to be moderated?