Audio/video problems upon returning to the conference

Hello, community!

I need your help to try and identify a problem I’m facing.

I have the latest versions installed and everything is running well. I use Jitsi through the iFrame API.

Mu usecase is the following: users need to take photos during the conference, to try to ensure he’s in the room. The problem is that whenever he needs to leave the room to take the photo and, upon returning, he can’t listen or see properly. He starts to experience audio/video problems. Whereas before leaving the room, everything was ok.

Couldn’t find anything unusual in the logs.

I’m confident is something related to leaving the room and take the photo, but I don’t have a clue what could be.

Can someone shed any light in this?

Thank you very much.

Is this your own server or the public Jitsi server?

Do you mean taking the photo of Jitsi meeting (screenshot) or a real activity which causes the participant to close the meeting page/app?

Oh, sorry. Forgot to mention that. It’s my own server. And it’s a real activity. The user is in the room, then, at certain times during the conference, he’s taken to another page to take the photo, then returns to the conference. Upon doing that, he starts experiencing those problems I described.

Do you use JWT authentication? If so, an expired token can cause this issue

Yes! But the only one who uses JWT to authenticate is the teacher, the students are guests. And the problems only occur with the students.

Edit: One more thing, everytime the teacher needs to leave and enter the room again, a new token is generated. Could that be part of the problem?