Audio/Video problems and hanging rooms

Hi guys,

thanks a lot for this great software. We are using it for a while now on our own servers, but with the Corona and homeoffice wave, we experience much more problems than before.
The normal problems with users using firefox and slow wifi are well known and we recommend chrome and a cable - so this is not the issue here. But we experience audio/video loss from participants, especially with 6+ people in a conference.
I read a lot on the forum and tried different things, but I can’t figure it out. We are currently running the jisti-meet stack on a 16 core machine with more than enough bandwidth (> 1 gbit/s). The cpu usage is usually around 60% on peaks with a load of around 12.0.
Could the high load be the cause of the loss? I could only find error messages like this:
org.jitsi.videobridge.EndpointMessageTransport.log() Failed to send a message over a WebRTC data channel
org.jitsi.impl.neomedia.rtp.sendsidebandwidthestimation.SendSideBandwidthEstimation.log() RTT not calculated, or has a suspiciously high value (1526). Using the default of 100ms.

Or would a second JVB be a better solution than to use one single machine with 16 cores?

Another issue are hanging rooms. We really have a lot of rooms with zombie participants. I read, that they should be closed automatically by bosh after a specific timeout - but this is not happening. Any ideas what could be causing this and how to close them without restarting prosody?

Thank you so much for your help.

I think I saw a report same happening with prosody 0.10. You better try upgrading to 0.11 and enable epoll network backend (don’t forget to fix storage config).

You also better update to latest which will include jvb2.

Thanks damencho.

I’m building a new server with prosody 0.11 and jvb2.
I’ll include a second videobrigde on a second server and I’m wondering if there is a real example of how to do this? I know about - but this afaik describes how to add a jvb to multiple xmpp servers and not the load balancing part (that needs to happen in jicofo as well I think).

Thank you again. - this video tutorial explain how to load balance jitsi meet using two video bridge instances.

The video is kinda outdated. It doesn’t describe the loadbalancing via muc.

But I figured it out. I’ll write it down tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I’m very interested in your write-up. Where can I find this?

Thanks in advance!

I did a write up here: How to add the secondary jvb to main jitsi-server