Audio problems on Firefox/thin client

We host our own internal Jitsi Meet servers, and these seem to work well with Windows+Chrome or Linux+Chrome. We also have a number of HP Thin Clients (T630/T640) running ThinPro 7.2 (latest build). These use FireFox 78esr as the main browser, and we’re having issues getting these working properly in Jitsi using USB headsets (no video)

The web page loads ok, and the thin client user can connect to the meeting. They can hear people talking in the meeting but what they say over their headset is not heard. They’re not on mute locally, although others in the meeting will see that audio is showing as muted for the user on the thin client. When the thin client user talks, the audio ‘bars’ will move, so audio is being detected but not heard by other users in the meeting.

I know Firefox isn’t the preferred browser, but we can’t seem to install Chromium on the thin clients. We don’t think it’s a hardware issue, so it may be Firefox that’s the problem - HP have always used the ESR version, so it’s always behind the current release.

Anyone have any ideas? We’d really like to get this working if possible.


What do tests on show?

Thanks for the reply. The webrtc site test was fine for voice (we weren’t testing video), but we’re now looking at two possible workarounds;

  1. The jitisi server were working with is on a private network with no Internet, so we believe it’s a bit old now. We’re going to try and upgrade it to see if it’s actually a Jitisi problem.
  2. I managed to get Chromium 90 (+codecs) installed on the thin client, so that will be our preferred focus.
    When we’ve managed to do the upgrade/testing, I’ll report back.