Audio problem when scaling JIBRI docker container in the same machine


Hello Team,

I have configured a JIBRI Docker container inside docker-jitsi-meet and the recording/streaming is working fine with a single conference/meet in the same machine.
When i scaled JIBRI to run on 2 docker containers and tried to start 2 recording sessions at the same time, a problem related to /dev/snd occurred : cannot open audio device hw:0,1,0 (Device or resource busy).

org.jitsi.jibri.capture.ffmpeg.FfmpegCapturer.onFfmpegProcessUpdate() Ffmpeg quit abruptly. Last output line: hw:0,1,0: Input/output error

What are the chances to run multiple recording sessions using JIBRI in the same host/time & using ALSA’s dmix plugin ?

I appreciate that.