Audio problem when install on Rasberry PI 3


I want to use a Rasberry PI 3 (with a 1080p cam and an HDMI output on my TV set) with Chromium to access the URL.

Everything is fine except the Oudio Out. I get much too high signal which saturates the system.
I tried to go back to Java 8 (as seens on some post) but it does not improve.

Any idea ?

well, the idea of setting up Java 8 while using Chromium is… surprising to say the least. Java is not used by Chromium at all. Java 8 is recommended by the Jitsi project for self hosting, if you run the server yourself. If you access servers, all problems you can search and solve are in the browser, operating system and hardware configuration.
Usually when the sound level is too high I have an icon in the upper right of my screen with a sound level and I lower it. That’s all I have ever needed to do. I use a headset too, maybe you could try it, it’s generally recommended for visioconference systems.

Thanks gpatelfr,

Agreed, it must be eitheir de browser or the Debian native PI OS.
I tested the HW and it works fine with VNC for playing standard films with audio.

I suspect that I dont have the right audio codec, because even the jitsi test (in parameters menu) does not give the right sound.

So the next questions are:

  1. what are the audio codecs used by Jitsi ?
  2. How can I test that it have them properly installed ?


it’s only opus AFAIK. You can see the used media configuration in the upper right part of the screen if you click the connexion information thingy at the left corner of your own image. And I don’t quite see how a codec problem could lead sound level problem.