Audio output permission not granted

I’m basically having this issue: Audio output, permission not granted and have no idea how to fix it. I did not have this issue last week. I’m using Chrome (no microphone and no webcam, but as I said it was working before without these two).

Check the windows privacy settings and enable microphone and camera access. The latest versions of windows 10 in combination with chrome require it.

You need to accept microphone use to hear audio using webrtc.


Thank you, worked.

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It somehow doesn’t work again…
Edit: I fixed it by allowing Jitsi to access microphone and webcam in Chrome’s settings. Jitsi wasn’t asking for it by itself. Sorry for bumping this thread.

I think it’s more of a Chrome default behaviour, it remembers past decisions and replies negatively to applications queries if it has decided from previous experience that the user has already taken a decision.
I don’t see this with Firefox (but I configure it to delete all site settings when closing the browser, something that is either impossible to do with Chrome or so well hidden that I have not found it)

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Jitsi is the only reason I have Chrome, because it was recommended to me. Firefox is my main browser but I heard it had/has some issues with it.