Audio output, permission not granted

In Jitsi Meet on Windows 10 (Ver 1909, Build 18363) with Chrome (Ver 81), selecting the Audio Output device through Settings > Devices in Jitsi is not possible for users without a webcam and microphone.

Attending a conference without the need to be seen or speak is a valid use case.

One way to enable the drop-down list is to ensure at least one input device is enabled in Windows (see Start > Windows System > Control Panel > Sound > Recording tab) or fooling the sound system on the PC by plugging something in the microphone jack (e.g., a patch cable connected to nothing).

I do not understand why setting the output device seems somehow dependent on there being an input device. Is that a constraint of WebRTC or Jitsi Meet?

i agree without a webcam, but i hardly cant think of any PC without a sound card built in. You can ofcouse select it and Mute yourself.

WebRTC specs require these

If you’re concerned about that, the organizer can always choose to records or stream it for others to watch

Confirmed. If I deny permission for camera + mic on Chromium, I get no audio, which makes no sense. I have to refresh the browser, which I guess is also annoying for participants (more popups about confused people leaving/joining).

Also, Chromium only gives me the choice to enable all or nothing in its permission dialog.

So, there are several larger meetings happening these days, I’d like to be able to just sneek in passively, with my camera and mic off by default, and join in, activate the devices, and grab my headset only when I feel like to. When I grant the browser permissions all these are on by default. This also causes annoying and unnecessary echoes with joining participants who have not decided to put on their headsets yet.

Illogical indeed. Thanks for your observation, Herzmeister. It seems Jitsi Meet prevents setting the output device when an input device is not available.

Meanwhile WebRTC correctly considers the 3 streams (video in, audio in and audio out) separately as evidenced by these implementations:

WebRTC samplesSelect sources & outputs

Is WebRTC Supported In Your Browser?

Forum visitors will find the links useful in verifying their systems.

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