Audio or Video Track Receive Problem

Now I am testing lib-jitsi-meet apis with self-host jitsi server.

After I joined Jitsi conference, I added tracks.

async () => { await this.onJitsiConferenceJoined(); });

async onJitsiConferenceJoined() {
        for (let i = 0; i < this.localTracks.length; i++) {
            this.Log("[ OUT ] my track - " + this.localTracks[i].getType());
            await this.jitsiRoom.addTrack(this.localTracks[i]).catch((error: any) => {

This works sometimes but sometimes, it only send audio or video track.
I confirmed it by these codes.

  this.jitsiRoom.on(, async (track: any) => {
        await this.onAddedRemoteTrack(track);
    this.jitsiRoom.on(, async (track: any) => {
        await this.onRemovedRemoteTrack(track);

async onAddedRemoteTrack(track: JitsiTrack) {
if (track.isLocal()) {
this.Log([ IN ] remote track - ${track.getType()});

async onRemovedRemoteTrack(track: JitsiTrack) {
this.Log("[ DEL ] remotetrack - " + track.getType());

And the result is


Here user B(later) sends both audio/video track, but user A(former) only received video track.
So I can’t hear user B’s voice.
Vice versa, sometimes I can only receive audio and not video.

But sometimes i can receive both when I load page as refresh.

I wonder I missed some procedure of sending tracks.

I think this is not server error, but my fault. So please give me ways.
Because this error is not always happening and only “sometimes”, so I really can’t find the situation and reason.

I really need jitsi veteran’s experience.

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You’re creating multiple threads on the same issue. This is not helpful. Please stop.

Sorry for that.

If there are no answers on my post, then what do I have to do?
Because most users don’t read old posts, I need some way.
Is there any way to emphasize old post?

If no way, especially when I am urgent, should I give up finding answer on time?

Btw…Responding to an old post will bring it to the front/top. People will read it and respond if they can.

Also, you could post under users > paid work to get faster response. Everyone else here is also working on their own projects. Good luck to you! :+1:

Thank you for your kind answer.

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