Audio not working in a Screen Sharing Scenario

Hello everybody,
first post here, so excuse me if it’s duplicate (but i didn’t see any similat topic) or wrong category.
So, I’m using this service from few days and I like it, all work well until I start to share my screen. Well, all goes good, screen is shared within my friend’s end, but not audio. Although audio option is activated from the right click window, I don’t hear nothing and neither do my friend if we screen share eachother. Beware, audio works if I use the Youtube share link mode, but the other partecipant goes automatically muted, and that’s annoying sadly.
Waiting for response, Happy Day everybody :slight_smile: .

What browser are you using?
You don’t hear audio only when screensharing? What about when using camera, does audio works then?

This is by design, imagine you are sharing a video to 20 people and their mics are not automatically muted, you will start hearing the video 20 times with different delays, it will be unusable.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention some technical details.
Using windows 10 with Firefox 66, and the audio works normally with the video chat, I hear my partner perfectly. Only when screen sharing, with audio option activated on right click, it doesn’t work.
thanks for answering, if you need more informations, I’m here.

Does it work with chrome?
What does ‘audio option activated on right click’ means?

I use Firefox, I don’t want to install another browser only for using jitsi, i prefer the former.
As for the option, when you are screen sharing, right clicking with your mouse or TouchPad opens a menu concerning the sharing, like pausing, putting full screen, and activating or deactivating audio.
Hope this clears the doubts.

yes,does have some api when I share screen with desktop audio,in windows and mac,in electron

No, I have no idea what is that, there is no UI in jitsi-meet like that. We have buttons for hangup and audio/video mute. And fulls screen buttons is in a separate menu.

Does audio works without screensharing?

Firefox has some bugs and does not support simulcast for the moment, we will be addressing those in the following months.

Audio works if I talk with the other partner, with or without webcam. Attached screenshot is the options I’m talking about. This opens when I right click when I’m screensharing. It’s in Italian, but it shows
Activate audio
show controls
full screen
other options…

I see, this is some browser specific menu about video elements.
I was testing this locally and it works. I open a meeting in chrome with audio and video and same in firefox, with audio and video and start sharing the screen from firefox and chrome chan hear the audio.
I suppose you start with audio and video and then you start desktop sharing, right?

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First of all, thanks for the patience, appreciate that!
secondly yes, I first start the call, then I start the screen sharing, but opening a YouTube video, I can hear its audio, but my partner doesn’t, or viceversa obv.
I don’t know what to say actually, might try edge seeing it’s already pre-installed on windows, if still not working, we’d meet on a video chat and let’s try to solve this problem.

There is no way to share youtube video and its audio through desktop sharing. Webrtc can open input devices to send audio from that, where youtube video you play, its audio goes out on output device.

What you can do is use software like that will feed audio from output device into input device and use it that way, I had used that and it works.

Or you can play the audio on your output device and feed it to your mic.

I see that, I’ll try other sites then. Another problem I encounter is when I start a screen sharing, it goes in loop.
Two solutions I found are
Toggling view with the two partecipants in the same view
or mirroring another window over the browser
But these not always work. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Yep, it is not suppose to screen share the conference, cause anyway all participants are seeing it.
This is natural effect, the same as when standing between two mirrors.

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that’s a fair reason lol

use electron or chrome they have api such as this:
electron.desktopCapturer.getSources({types: [‘window’, ‘screen’]}, (err, sources) => {
var constraints = {
mandatory: {
chromeMediaSource: ‘desktop’
video: {
mandatory: {
chromeMediaSource: ‘desktop’,
chromeMediaSourceId: index,
maxWidth: window.screen.width > 1920 ? window.screen.width: 1920,
maxHeight: window.screen.height > 1080 ? window.screen.height: 1080,
minFrameRate: 15,
maxFrameRate: 30
navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(constraints).then(x => {
}).catch(err => {
this can get destop audio, such as youtube video’s audio
can jitsi-meet team will consider this feature?