Audio Not Working and Plan B

My audio is not working and I am getting this error message:

'The description does not look like plan-b'

Looking through the code, I see this:

if ( > 3 || => PLAN_B_MIDS.indexOf(m.mid) === -1)) {
            console.warn('The description does not look like plan-b');

            return description;

Why does this mean and could it be why I am getting no audio?

Your audio is not working… where? Android? iOS? SDK? Which version? Chrome? Your on server? Which version? Or on Jitsi’s server?

The more information you provide the better chance you have at a quicker answer.

Audio is not working on anything powered by the Apples Webskit. This is Safari, ioS and iPad, each is on iOS 15.

Which version of jitsi-meet is that?