Audio not picked up on iPad for users who rejoin a conference

I created an issue for this on jitsi-meet github page ( however I discovered the issue while trying to integrate the lib-jitsi-meet directly in to an app I’m building so I’m fairly sure it’s a problem in the low level-api

I’ve not got much experience with video - only what I’ve picked up in the last week or so from playing around with Jitsi, Twilio Video and OpenTok. But I’m loving the jitsi project - not least the fact that it’s open source and potentially a much cheaper option than the other two I just mentioned!

Happy to help try and fix the issue if anyone who’s a bit more familiar with the code base can point me in the right direction?

Steps to recreate (taken from my original github issue)

  1. Start a new conference on
  2. Join conference with user 1 on iPad
  3. Join conference with user 2 on any other device
  4. User 2 leaves the conference (goes to another web page OR refreshes their browser)
  5. User 2 returns to the same conference
  6. User 1 (on iPad) will be able to see the video of the returning user 2 but not hear their audio