Audio Mixer?

Hi guys… Is there anyway to implement something like a virtual audio mixer, so that I can adjust the volume of someone’s call? Thanks

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There are already volume sliders for remote participants in a local call.

I’m a musician and I try to find a way to share live music and play live with others in this troubled period.

The question about implementing an audio mixer console for the administrator of a meeting is very interesting for musicians and music teachers.

I wonder if it’s possible to add an audio line (like a metronome or a audio track). I mean to share audio, not audio from the mic line but from another source (file, mp3) that all the participant could listen.
That’s an idea… I’m sure someone more qualified than me has an answer !

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I was trying to play music from a youtube livestream, while I was trying to watch that stream online with friends, together synced audio and video. The proplem is the audio feedback.
So my Solution for now is to get the input audio through my externel usb soundcard, which I can select as the microphon in jistsi. It works, but not perfect, because jitsi automaticaly adjusted the volume when some speaks or makes a noise, which sux after a while
Any ideas? Thx

Nice idea, to redirect the audio input from the soundcard.
The material is essential. Each meeting participant should have a good mic, a good headphone and a soundcard and Jitsi should be able to manage multiple audio track from each participant and have a clock sync so it could rebuild the sound without delay… Nice dream I think :smile:

The possibility to insert sound from other sources (soundcard, or from a sound file (mp3, ogg, flacc, whatever) would be great indeed, e.g. when doing a presentation about a musical subject where you want to play a sound sample. I’m currently trying to arrange this outside Jitsi Meet, but it is cumbersome, especially when you have to instruct non-technical musicians how to do it…