Audio level events via low level api - working with jvb2 or not?

Hi all,

Is the TRACK_AUDIO_LEVEL_CHANGED event (for tracks or conferences) working with jvb2? Had a play with it tonight but didn’t seem to and read something that suggested it wasn’t implemented in jvb2.

I just want to create a simple audio level meter for each track.


Audio level events work fine with jvb2, you can check it on

Audio levels are actually bits set in the client in the rtp packets and as jvb just forwards them …

Thanks. This is what I read Does JVB calculate audio level?

I’ll try again tomorrow but today it wasn’t working at all

There is no way jvb to calculate audio levels itself as it cannot decode audio to get the level, it passes by whatever clients send.

Maybe share the code that is not working … The way jitsi-meet use it , works.

Ah I see what it means now, yes that makes sense.

I’ll try tomorrow (about to sleep) and come back and post code if I can’t get it to work. Will try more now I know it does work :wink: Thanks again

Yes, sorry, no idea what I was doing yesterday but works great and now have audio meters on all my tracks in my mixer app :wink: Thanks!