Audio issues


I have been holding some regular get togethers with friends over the last few months on the public Jitsi instance. In general it has worked quite well.

Of late, I have one user who is experiencing difficulties with audio on his Windows 10 laptop using Chrome. It is not possible for him to run both audio and video. It’s only when he shuts his webcam off completely, that his audio is not “pixelated” for lack of a better term. Up until recently this user did not have this problem. Something perhaps has changed…a Windows update, a device driver update, or a browser update that is causing problems.

This user has tried an external webcam and has the same issue. The user has also tried with other browsers with no luck. He has switched the laptop between wifi and ethernet and still experiences the same issue.

The user has tried using the Jitsi Meet app over his local wifi on his smartphone and it works okay. He has used other web conferencing apps with the computer in question (i.e. Zoom, FB Messenger) and they also work okay.

The only thing that hasn’t been tried yet is using a different computer on the public Jitsi instance.

There seems to be an issue with that particular computer and Jitsi, something that causes audio issues when the user’s webcam is in session.

Does anyone have any Ideas on things that the user could check?


I’ve noticed some of this but have not troubleshot it as much as I would like. Sometimes, reducing the quality of my video helps. Sometimes it kicks up when I’m running Jitsi on two computers in the house and sharing the screen of one (running a live stream video). I suspect in this case I may also be exhausting CPU cycles so that it cannot process the audio smoothly. It sometimes seems dependent on time of day - prime time viewing hours being particularly problematic - so it could be last mile congestion.

One thing that has caught my attention is that my mouse sometimes seems to have significant delay. It will not move, then jump, almost like the timing resolution is mangles or something is eating the mouse input. It seems to be related to Chrome and I wonder if Chrome or Chrome + WebRTC is doing something weird. At this point, it is all speculation. I have not investigated thoroughly enough.

These get togethers on Jitsi generally happen during “off” hours.

I’ve done tests with the particular user at some other times in an attempt to troubleshoot but encountered the same issue.

Last night during our get together, two additional users experienced similar issues. One was running Chromium on the Manjaro GNU/Linux distro and the other (I assume) running Chrome on Windows 10.

In trying to figure out what was in common to all of them, the only thing I could find was that all three of these users are on the infrastructure of the same internet service provider. They are either directly using that service provider, or using a third party provider that makes use of that particular ISP’s infrastructure. Since the problem is new (they haven’t experienced this problem until very recently), I’m wondering whether there has been some kind of change between the way traffic is routed between that ISP (we are all in Canada) and the main public eastern US Jitsi instance.

Myself, I’m also running Chromium on GNU/Linux but on a different ISP’s infrastructure and not experiencing difficulties.

That it’s an ISP related issue is a wild shot in the dark, but I guess never rule out the impossible :slight_smile: It seems to only be an issue using the web client and not an issue with using the “Jitsi Meet” app on a mobile device.

It’s a little strange.

I will ask the users “what else” (if anything) is running on the computer while they’re doing the Jitsi session. Just in case the CPU is working a little too hard…or maybe look at the task manager while Jitsi is running just to get an idea.

I have noticed the mouse issues you mention occasionally, but not just with Jitsi, really with any application that makes use of video. It happens occasionally after I exit whatever I was running. Because of the big screen, my main “Jitsi” machine has been a 13 year old early vintage Intel iMac that I rescued from being crushed by the Apple recycle store. I’m running “Lubuntu” on it.

I put the occasional funky mouse movements after using video down to the age of the hardware I was using. When it occasionally happens a reboot fixes the problem.