Audio is only clear when Chrome browser is minimized

My dance instructor starting using jitsi this week. She is in a remote area with unstable internet service. We all mute our microphones to not disrupt class. We also turn off our video to conserve bandwidth. Only the instructor’s microphone and video are on. Unfortunately, the audio when she is speaking before and after class (hear every other word) as well as the music during class comes in and out when the chrome browser is displaying on my Windows 10 laptop. When I minimize the chrome browser, the audio is consistent but then I have no video to watch the instructor. I tried using the lowest video setting and still the audio was bad until I minimized the browser. I find the audio more unstable then when my instructor was using Google Meet. She prefers the jitsi because she does not have to let late arrivers in. Does anyone have a solution on how to get consistent audio when the chrome browser window is open to view the video? Would a different browser work better? All suggestions are appreciated.

There are several reports about sound problems in the last few weeks. Today I had horrible sound with jitsi-meet-electron 2.2.0 and with Chrome 83.0.4103.106. Unfortunately, last week all was fine in another meeting. I do not know what the other are using. Video was fine, bandwidth far under max, system load small. All with Jitsi stable on Debian stable. Hopefully someone finds out what is causing this.

Last night’s dance class was much better, no audio or video issues. Found out that our instructor was using cell phone internet service the previous night because her home internet service was out. I was not aware of that when I posted this yesterday (I could never understand what she was saying because the sound was so bad that night) and it was my first attempt at using jitsi. Hope the audio challenges stay away now.