Audio is not working in video call

I am using jitsi meet custom js api. I have successfully create conference call using your api but after some days , audio is not working , only video is displaying. Is there any issue at your end. Please help.

please share the console log

There is no error in console. Here is link of demo app.

it seems audio streaming data sending and receiving

There is error ‘AudioContext was not allowed to start’. Is this a issue? Can u help to open this link With ur support team. Are u able to listen audio?

Please try this => this is temporary

var callaudio = new Audio("");
callaudio.muted = true; () => {
} )
.catch( () => {
store.dispatch(openModal({Id: ‘conferencecall’, modalId: ModalIdentifiers.InteractiveDialog, dialogType: SoundPermisionModal}));
} )