Audio experience


We are considering migrating to jitsi for our audio meetings (currently we are using Teams).

Today we made a test (22 participants) and audio experience was terrible, all chopped, only one word over two… It is just voice conferencing so no need of high quality audio, but we need to understand each other. It is not an issue of network bandwitdth from our side because we switched back to Teams and all was ok.

Is there any configuration or other way to solve this issue ?



Were you using your own server or ? If it’s your own server, can you try

Hi saghul,
We were using from France

Oh, that’s bad!

What devices were involved?

22 participants, using windows (from 7 to 11) on PC or laptops.

If you do another test, can you check what you see when you hover your own “signal bars” and the others’?

It’d be interesting to see if there is any packet loss perceived or TURN over TCP is used.