"Audio Error: Could Not Start Audio Source"

My microphone is no longer being recognized in Jitsi Meetings when launching in CHROME. When starting or joining a meeting i have an orange bar along the bottom of the screen “Audio Error: Could Not Start Audio Source” in the ‘pre-join’ screen where i can choose to turn off video and audio. If i join the meeting i start out muted by default. if i try to enable my mic i get an orange pop up on the left of the screen saying 'Failed To Access Microphone. Cannot use microphone for an unknown reason. Could not start audio device".

This seems specific to chrome at this point. Jitsi works on firefox and the camera/mic work fine with other apps. It DID work fine on chrome up until April21, 2021 for me and then just stopped. I uninstalled chrome and re-installed it. no luck. Id be happy to have jitsi launch in another browser by default but that functionality doesnt exist and doing it manually is a pain. Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Both Cam and Mic are set to ALLOW as well. Should have included that in the initial post

Making other browser as a default browser? I know this will open all links in that browser…

Check if chrome is allowed to access camera. If it is already, then revoke permissions and allow again.