Audio distortion/broken in recording

Hi everyone.

I have a problem with 1 recording. I use this feature since last year and everything is good, but the last week one client made a recording of 2h of duration and told me that this record have issues in the audio, like distortions and audio broken or interferences (with few moments of the record that the sound is not good).

I look the server status in the day of the record and the CPU was in 70% of the use. So, where can be the problem? Client part or server part? Do you remember any problem like this?

The server specification is 32GB RAM and 8 CPUs (Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 series processor) with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

We have seen such a problem with a specific youtube setting. I don’t clearly remember it … was something like low bandwidth mode … or something … need to search for it…

ohhh that is recording :man_facepalming: and I was thinking livestreaming - ( Livestream YouTube Audio Crackling like jack contact sound, solutions? - #6 by damencho)

are all participants in the recording with bad audio?

Hi Damencho.

No, It’s a conference with 34 users and only one of them is talking. But, I believe that the computer of this person have any problem with the microphone, because when I saw the recording, I look that this computer uses 2 (or more) microphones for capture audio… The other participants had the webcam and microphone disabled. Maybe had any problem with the microphones.

So, If I could prove that the problem is yours, the problem will be solved… The other meetings of my platform with other clients (with 4 users or any more) works perfectly.

I send you a private message Damencho :wink:


Aha, it sounds to me like a problem with the mic … but how to prove it … :slight_smile: I don’t know :slight_smile:

I talked with @bbaldino about that :slight_smile: So a good question he asked, do the other people in the meeting heard the same audio problems, or it is just jibri that is hearing it from time to time?
If others heard it that way then definitely a mic issue, but if not that would be super weird.
Which version of jibri is this, by the way?

Hi Damian!!

Sorry for answer too late, today was a busy day…

The user email me and told me it was his fault. This morning they looking the installation of the microphones and they have realized that have a bad cable (or lead, I don’t know the translation…).

Well, problem solved, is not a Jitsi problem.

Thank you very much for your help and sorry for the inconvenience.