Audio Delay in Meetings

We are currently having problems with audio lagging behind the video. It appears to happen both during normal meetings and also when sharing the screen. Our setup is as follows:

Jitsi meet server: 10 CPU, 8GB RAM, 30GB storage
Jitsi Videobridge: 8 CPU, 6GB RAM, 30GB storage
Jitsi Turn-Server: 2 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 25GB Storage

  • The audio lag happens with various users and not just the same ones, regardless if they are at home or in the office.
  • All users are on Chromium browsers (Edge).
  • Reloading the browser doesn’t seem to help anymore, this had helped with video issues.
  • Both Videobridges have 3GB RAM standard in the config, could this be increased to 4GB maybe?

We had previously the octo settings in but that caused to many problems and it seems to have been addressed in the latest updates. All 3 servers have the most recent stable versions of the apps.

Where else could the audio problems stem from?

Thanks in advance!