Audio Conference PIN Generation or Retrieval

Is there a way to programmatically get the PIN for the audio bridge for a meeting?

I found I can use to get the list of phone numbers for dial-in

I explored using [ which returns an ID, but that ID does not match the PIN if I join

The audio PIN and the meeting PIN are 2 different things, though I see why you were confused…

Since I have not gotten an answer one way or the other, does that mean there is no way to programmatically get the audio PIN?

Alternatively, if it cannot be retrieved programmatically, can it be “calculated” based on the meeting room?

That is, is it perhaps some sort of hash or is it simply randomly assigned?

Sorry, missed the point earlier. There is no API for this. You can, however, scrape it by loading a URL such as:

Not ideal, I know.

Thanks. I don’t mind scraping that URL

where can you assign the dial in info that the dialINInfo.html file gets it from?
I am trying to get this set up with my asterisk server and I’m chasing down whatever I can pertaining to users calling in and being connected to the correct conferences…

I sure wish there was as more concise whitepaper out there.
I’m really good at following step by step, but being unfamiliar with the project except for my limited experience, I find myself dumbfounded time and time again

Is the difference in pins because the query param used within the jitsi-meet conference is different from what you’re using? Instead of what about trying The difference is the stuff after the @.

I am running a manual build over here .
By playing around a bit today, I found that if I did a query with the Jitsi-api on their server against my room names the conference ID number jived with my local conferences.
I found that I can get my asterisk server to slip participants into the correct rooms now.
One thing I wonder is , are room id’s the result of some type of encodings? Or does the api at Jitsi HQ bounce a query off of my server to get the Id?

This is perfect. Once I fixed the part after the @ sign, I now see that the dial-in PIN is the same as the conference ID.