Audio Codec: "Standard" One? Large Differences Between Choices?

Hi, thanks for the framework and the help!

Firstly, I wonder what audio codec does Jitsi use? I have done some search and see , , etc. So I am confused which algorithm does Jitsi choose indeed…

Secondly, I wonder whether there is a “standard” or widely used audio codec, for coding the audio of people’s speaking voice, and has a good compression rate (since data are expensive for mobile phone users)?

Thirdly, it seems that there are so many audio codecs in the world, and this is a very mature and old research field. Therefore, if I select different “classical” audio codecs, will it lead to a very different result, for instance, one codec compresses twice smaller than another? Or, all of them just produce similar results, since the “physical limit” has been almost reached?

Thanks very much for any ideas! If I bother you too much, please ignore my third question.

Hi @fzyzcjy can you clarify for which project are you asking about? Is it Jitsi Desktop or jitsi-meet?
Both are completely different projects, different technologies … everything is different and so is the answer to your question.

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@damencho Hi thanks for your reply! I mean the jitsi-meet, because our Android & iOS app needs to have an audio (and some customized data streaming) conference.

jitsi-meet is a standard webrtc app, so we depend on the browsers and the webrtc lib we use for the codecs. Currently all over for audio is used opus. This is the best you can get today when it comes to bandwidth and quality, also it has several error correction mechanisms which is another thing to consider when talking about audio as especially for mobile, packet loss is normal.

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Thank you very much for your reply! I will use webrtc and opus. By the way, I will do a customized-format data streaming besides audio, so can I use the same technique (server and webrtc and opus)? Thanks!

Probably you will want to use data channels for that …

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Sorry what do you mean for data channels? I searched it and does it mean RTCDataChannel? Thanks!


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