Audio call in

A few years ago we were looking at Jitsi/Rocketchat combo for a private self-hosted Teams like group communication tool. At the time we could not get audio call in - from a regular phone - to work - old school conference call scenario before video conference calls. We have been digging around on and off since and it seems that this might be something done via Twilio. Or perhaps it has now possibly been incorporated into Jitsi/Rocketchat. What is the current process for landline/mobile strictly voice call in? Can a group of people be given a call-in code/number in some easy way that they can access from their phones? Anybody implemented audio call-in via Twilio? Any input is appreciated in advance.

Yes, this is possible and had been possible for many years now.
You can try it yourself on It doesn’t come out of the box with default jitsi-meet installation, you need to install and configure jigasi. Jigasi connects to the xmpp server where jitsi-meet is installed and also needs info for your sip provider. Normally that is an asterisk or other sip software where you need to implement your IVR and pass some custom headers to jigasi.
An easy step by step tutorial for using jigasi and voximplant: Jitsi phone dial-in and IVR connector | Tutorials |

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