[Audio and Video showing disable ] Not able to enable audio and video in JISTI meet. rooms are also not working

Hello Team,

I have installed fresh jisti meet and its was working and i was able to create rooms and confrence

After i have installed jibri. after installation of JIBRI audio and video got disabled and even not working and always showing disabled like they don’t have permission.

Also No body can join the meeting link also recording option is missing

Do you mean the problem started right after “apt-get install jibri” or after finishing all jibri configuration?

If the second case exists, could you install a new jitsi and check after each step of the jibri installation which one causes the problem?

This my actual problem

i am running a jitsi meet server with default setup. the problem with that
is, that the first person in the conference gets the moderator permission
and all others are regular participants. if the moderator get disconnected
from the bridge, he cant get back the moderator role. as far as i know
there is a possibility to change that, but i have no idea how to do that.
can somebody can give me a hint how to do that?
thank you very much!

My meeting always showing mute audio and video. jisti treating as me a participant. i loos control

Why my video , audio muted, why no body can join my meeting ??
I have spent 2 days. how to get back moderator mode? jisti treating me audience and i loose control on creating meetings, audio, video
Whats going on. When you guys give us stable version of Jisiti meet. ??

Does your deployment work with more than two participants?

No. i have uninstalled and installed. but its same

not working

Previously it was working

So it is not working for more than 3 participants(when using jvb)? If so check again the advanced section of quickstart guide https://jitsi.org/qi. Jibri is always using jvb.