Audio and Video not working with the latest Google Chrome Version 86.0.4240.75

Have own Jitsi implementation (on Ubuntu Version 20.04 LTS, jitsimeet-prosody 1.0.4127, jitsi-videobridge 2.1-202 ) hosted on company intranet

Its is working satisfactorily since the past three months.

Users are using Google Chrome to join the meeting room.

When Google Chrome gets updated to version 86.0.4240.75 the user’s audio and video is not working after joining the meeting.

How to fix this issue ?

Update to latest stable

We have done some customization and tuning.
Will these be maintained in case of update to latest stable

You need to apply them again.

Hi there, please see my related issue, updating jitsi to latest or creating a fresh install did not fix the Chrome 86 problem for me.

@Guillaume_Potier Hi !!!

We are yet to update our jitsi server to the latest stable as advised.

Alternatively advised users to downgrade Google Chrome and stop its auto update.

Your updates in this regard are welcome.

@damencho is there any other way to resolve this issue ?
Updating a stable customised jitsi implementation is proving to be challenge as it is being used on a daily basis by our company top management.

You need to update one way or another. You either update to latest stable or find and backport fixes in your modified version…

Backport fixes ?
Please elaborate.

So find the version of lib-jitsi-meet you use, and find the fixes around that problem with the version in latest stable and try backporting it to your lib-jitsi-meet version …