Audio and video not enabled in jitsi installation

I have successfully installed jitsi in my cloud ubuntu instance which is placed in Mumbai/India.

I made changes in the config.js

server HTTP-bind is working properly, but still, I am unable to get audio and video

I have the following error

(TIME) index.html loaded: 4362.729999999829
Logger.js:154 2021-01-15T11:48:59.821Z [modules/browser/BrowserCapabilities.js] : This appears to be chrome, ver: 87.0.4280.141
Logger.js:154 2021-01-15T11:49:00.130Z [modules/statistics/AnalyticsAdapter.js] <Object.dispose>: Disposing of analytics adapter.
o @ Logger.js:154
app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:101 2021-01-15T11:49:00.131Z [features/analytics] Initialized 0 analytics handlers
app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:101 2021-01-15T11:49:00.131Z [features/base/media] Start muted:
app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:101 2021-01-15T11:49:00.133Z [features/base/media] Start audio only set to false
app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:101 2021-01-15T11:49:00.227Z [index.web] <HTMLDocument.>: (TIME) document ready: 4776.490000000194
app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:155 wasm streaming compile failed: TypeError: Failed to execute ‘compile’ on ‘WebAssembly’: Incorrect response MIME type. Expected ‘application/wasm’.
(anonymous) @ app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:155
app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:155 falling back to ArrayBuffer instantiation
(anonymous) @ app.bundle.min.js?v=139:sourcemap:155
tret:36 Service worker registered. ServiceWorkerRegistration
Logger.js:154 2021-01-15T11:49:00.262Z [modules/RTC/RTCUtils.js] list of media devices

Anyone, please help with this issue, your help is highly appreciated