Audio and video issue when rejoining the meeting on Cross platform(android app and IOS safari browser)


We are facing audio and video issue while rejoining the meeting using IOS safari or chrome browser with android native app.
Person 1 joined via Android app v4.1.0
Person 2 joined via IOS safari browser

Procedure to reproduce the issue:
Initially two users are in a jitsi meeting. One user is using android app and another user is using IOS chrome or Safari browser. Both can hear and view .When a user leaves and rejoin the same meeting they can’t hear or view the others in the meeting.

Environment used for testing:
One user is joined using android jitsi sdk application with v4.1.0 and another user is joined using IOS chrome or safari browser. We are using latest stable Jitsi v2.0.6726 for web.

Kindly help us in resolving this issue.

Kavitha K