Audio and video Handshake failure 1 in freeswitch

Hello all,

I had installed freeswitch in my centos server with verto communicator.

When I call from verto to sipml5 the below error comes. I am using 7443 port for WSS. Please anybody help me to solve this

2021-03-11 10:56:57.023281 [ERR] switch_rtp.c:3185 audio Handshake failure 1
2021-03-11 10:56:57.023281 [INFO] switch_rtp.c:3186 Changing audio DTLS state from HANDSHAKE to FAIL
2021-03-11 10:56:57.043273 [NOTICE] switch_rtp.c:3167 Hangup verto.rtc/3000 [CS_EXECUTE] [DESTINATION_OUT_OF_ORDER]

Hi and welcome, but I think you are posting in the wrong forum, your question does not contain anything jitsi related.