Audio and Video feeds not connecting at meeting

Just tried to have a meeting and while attendees were all connected normally, none of us could see or hear each other. Also even though all our cams and mics were on, we all appeared muted and camera off to each other.

With the recent memory of the ‘room’ bug, I tried to just move everyone to a different room in the case that there could be a name problem. When the first person migrated (2 people total) everything seemed normal but as soon as the third person came in we were all back to the no see-no hear problem.

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check if UDP/10000 is publicly accessible

Ok-- where in the chrome developer menus might help do that??

Thanks – In theory I think I know what this means. But, I’m just using meet over the web, so not inside my own server or anything.

We have the same problem.

We’re also using the free web connection, not a server, and we can’t see and hear each other.

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There was an incident in EU on, should be back to normal now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks – everything does seem to be more copasetic today. Thanks for all your diligence.

Hello everyone, i have the same issue. I’m using iFrame API and when entry in a meeting with other people we can connect at room, but the cam and microphone did’t work, the icons of cam and microphone are enabled but don’t work.

The link below have a log error of jitsi:

Please can anyone help please?

I have the same issue, do you resolved?

I have the same issue when I try to access the meeting link on my phone. Is there a phone compatibility issue for Xiaomi phones? All my camera and browser settings have the permission allowed for Camera & Audio, but when I enter the room, I am unable to select or allow any controls then it automatically changes into a blank/ grey screen, and I am not in the room as no one else can see me