Audio and Video don't works with internal address

Hello guys,
I’m new with Jitsi meet (about 15 days between see at first time and make it works, with SSL certificate, authentication, etc).
The only thing that I need help at this moment is: Inside my lan (using, for example), audio and video simply don’t work, only by DNS (
How can I fix, please?
Thanks in advance!


Yep that is normal, as I suppose your bosh setting in config.js is with the domain and when accessing through ip address those differ which brings the problem.

Thanks for you help @damencho!
But if I change to local address in config.js I have video/audio, and no video/audio accessing by DNS…
Is there a way to work with both configs (ip/dns)? Just like a plus config, because actually Jitsi is working fine!

Thanks in advance.

Yes, that is exactly what the code that I pasted above does, takes the address used to access config.js and add it as a bosh url, dynamically changing it depending on the request.

I did what you say, but it doesn’t work for me.

// BOSH URL. FIXME: use XEP-0156 to discover it.
//   bosh: '//',
 bosh: '//<!--# echo var="http_host" -->/<!--# echo var="subdir" default="" -->http-bind',

Anyway, thanks for your help