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We are using jitsi server and the experience is very good. Further, can we customise the application where the group call admin can only see video or listen the audio of the participants.

Also, how many participants can join in a room ?

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AFAIK there is no limit for participants joining in a room.

Currently there is no such a feature similar to webinar. But there is new feature called Audio/Video moderation where moderator (admin) have to approve participant’s request to speak and enable video.

Just curious, why only room admin can listen other participants voice…

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Thanks for the response. We are working on virtual fitness app where most of the user wants to only instructor to view there workout.

there is a hack that is supposed to permit to do just that, never used it myself but saw it on this forum, where is it ? ah, here.

@damencho . Kindly update when you have sometime

@syed_abdul_mujeeb Don’t tag people in posts unless they’re already helping you with the issue. You’ve already been advised of a possible solution to the issue you’re raising.

You have many options for webinar and similar
I use them in following ways if you host your own jitsi.

  1. Let your moderator join from one URL with normal VC. Let attendees join from another URL and show them only moderators whose camera are on. I posted today a CSS hack how can it be done with newer version. Hide mic and camera buttons from normal users.

  2. Other way is let your presenter join VC and stream it to YouTube or other private streaming

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Thanks for writing. I haven’t got the solution yet.

If this is your own server, @gpatel-fr already answered