Audio alert when user first enters room

I’m informed MEET.JITSI should sound an audio alert to owner/moderator when waiting for someone to enter an empty room running in a minimized Tab in a Chrome. However I hear nothing. WHEREBY’s sound alert works fine under the exact same circumstances but not JITSI. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. Mike - K5HUM(at)ARRL.NET

You should hear the following

Thanks for the assist. Ok, but the loudness level of that sound is so very low as to go un noticed. Is there a way to replace that “joined.wav” with another joined.wav I can create and substitute that’s more robust?? CIAO

Are you talking about your own Jitsi server or about the public Jitsi server? If this is your own server, you can put a new audio file using the same name.

First, thanks for your help. I run a 24/7 neighborhood community JITSI room in my Chrome browser using this URL: ( HTTP://MEET.JIT.SI/MAPLEWOOD )
If I can use my own “joined.wav” file , what folder would I put it? The folder where the Chrome Browser resides OR ?? CIAO Mike, K5HUM

You can change the sounds if you are self-hosting. When using, there is no such option.

I was not clear. I only want to get a sound alert when a room is empty, and the Tab its running in is minimized, and someone enters for the FIRST time. This allows me to work in other open Tabs and then enter the Jitsi room when a visitor arrives. WHEREBY does this sound alert perfectly (as I described it) except they want money for 12+ users and I am providing this service free to my local community. In any case, thanks for considering it. CIAO, Mike K5HUM

@Mike_Raymond The point is, you’re using the free, public instance of Jitsi at You don’t have that level of access to the backend to make the change you’re trying to make. If you were hosting your own Jitsi server, then a conversation could be had about what you’re describing and how to implement it, but since you’re not, there’s really nothing that can be done.