Attention: If you enable websockets in your deployment

If you have not done work to explicitly configure websockets in your JVB, this shouldn’t affect you.

If you run your own JVB and use websockets, after upgrading to JVB version 2.1-314 or higher you’ll need to add this to /etc/jitsi/videobridge/jvb.conf if it is not present:

videobridge {
    websockets {
        enabled = true

If you do not have a /etc/jitsi/videobridge/jvb.conf, you can add this to /etc/jitsi/videobridge/

You do not need to change any other values of your websocket existing websocket config.

The websockets doc in the bridge has been updated to reflect this.


Before JVB version 2.1-314, websockets were enabled by default, but the public HTTP server (required for the websocket service to run) wasn’t, so they weren’t turned on. This was necessary as websockets required additional configuration to work correctly, so having them on by default would be broken anyway. In this commit, this behavior was changed: the public HTTP server and the websocket configuration were split from one another and websockets are now disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled.


We are using websocket currently JVB 2.1-273 with this configuration



If we would like to upgrade JVB to 2.1-314. Do we have to add this to our configuration?

And what else do we have to modify on our current configuration?


Does this line still required?


OK Thank you

Does this apply to the docker distribution as well? Or is there a guide for enabling websockets in docker-jitsi-meet?

EDIT: I guess my question should be rephrased as, does the websockets doc also apply to docker-jitsi-meet?

I don’t think Docker has been updated to use the new config file yet, so if you have a working websockets install, you’ll just need to add to the file.

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How you’re managing JVBs auto-scaling with this in-place @bbaldino

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I there a way to set all listening address into jvb.conf.
Do not find it in the conf and the actual image are still using sip-com… file (while master already implement jvb.conf … image are outdated related to master repo, strange)