Attaching multiple jitsi-meet front end with a pool of videobridges and recording servers

I am hosting Jitsi-Meet with multiple video-bridges and recording servers(jibri). Some of the friends from other locations want to have their own custom front end look and host locally but all need to share the same jvbs and jibri servers pool. The diagram is our experimental setup idea

All I want to have different jitsi-meet front-end with the same pool of centralized resources of video-bridges and recording servers and others need microservices.
Can anyone help to guide or let me know the configuration changes needed to make it work?

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Looking for a solution on this as well.
I have setup a scaling videobridge service, but now am trying to understand how to tell the videobridges to connect and be available to 2+ jitsi-meet instances

I have successfully set up and configured the following:

  1. Front-End:
  2. Front-End:
  3. VideoBridge:

Both front ends are using the same videobridge successfully.
Now I will configure multiple videobridge pool, recording servers pools etc… and let know others.